"My husband and I did not know what to do with our financial problems. My sister told me about Steffens Law Office, so I called. The moment we talked with their office, my husband and I felt relief! We are so grateful for all the work and time they put into our case. We can finally breathe again! They went above and beyond what we expected. They are awesome!"

– Shari, Bertrand, NE

"I liked that right from the beginning you were so honest and upfront and very understanding when I was lost and didn't understand. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you! I will tell my friends to use you as an attorney."

– Tracy, Ansley, NE

"Steffens Law Office was very patient with me. They were always there when I had questions. They always got back to me quickly with answers. All in all, they made it easy for me in this bad situation."

– Edward, Mason City, NE

"We are so grateful for the way Steffens Law Office handled our bankruptcy. We never had to travel to see them. It was all done by phone. That was a plus for us. We would recommend them to anyone needing their help."

– Raymond, Lexington, NE

"Steffens Law Office told us what to expect and made us feel very good about everything during a very hard time in our lives. Everything went as we were told it would. Thank you very much!"

– Debbie, North Platte, NE

"Steffens Law Office was so kind every time I called to ask questions. Without your office, I would have been lost a lot! Thanks for all you do. I have referred several people to you and highly recommend your services. You are very good at what you do!"

– Vaylene, Ord, NE

"I was very pleased with your service. I was very concerned about getting everything "right." You took the worry away and helped me make a fresh start. Thank you!"

– Sara, Merna, NE

"I was nervous and confused in starting my bankruptcy. When I was referred to Steffens Law Office, I called the same day and had everything explained to me. All of my questions were answered. The process from beginning to end went smoothly. I was very pleased and will recommend Steffens Law Office to anyone."

– Ben, Ainsworth, NE

"Going through a bankruptcy is very difficult as I am not the type of person who just went for a joy ride with my credit card. It's been a long haul with my husband and I learned more to communicate with my husband. And in the mean time, I have had back up support from this office, assuring me that it's all okay. I also want to address how many times I was in tears talking with Cindy, who seemed very patient with me and I am grateful for that. What a great office and staff! Thank you!!"

– Lanis, Nelson, NE

"I worried all the time and couldn't get any rest, wondering about the creditors coming in and taking my home away from me. So I decided to call the Steffens Law Office to take out bankruptcy. I'm happy with the way they handled everything for me. Now I have saved some money and I'm not worrying about anything anymore. It has changed my life. Thank you!"

– Ruth, Springview, NE

"I went through months of agony every time I paid bills and barely had anything left after the payments went out. And each week I looked at your ad in the newspaper, while at the same time trying to take care of obligations. I finally made the phone call and your encouraging voices and words helped me to not feel so guilty for not taking care of a charge I owed, that was suffocated with interest charges. I feel relieved and glad I made the call."

– Delores, Valentine, NE

"Bill and his staff were very helpful during a difficult time. They were always ready to help with any questions I had. The day of the hearing was very simple and easy, thanks to them."

– Joe, Johnstown, NE

"Everyone at the Law Office was the best. They answered all my questions fully and prompt. When I called they were always happy to help me. They reassured me every time I talked to them. They are the best and I will use them anytime I need a lawyer in the future. Thank you!"

– Robert, Kearney, NE

"Mr. Steffens was professional and thorough on everything involving our bankruptcy. Thank you!"

– Donna, Ainsworth, NE

"Everyone in the office was great to work with. Bankruptcy is a stressful lifetime experience. I could not think of a better law firm to handle this event and make the process as easy / stress free as possible. Thank you so much for all the help and advice that you have provided to us."

– Terry, Omaha, NE

"My bankruptcy couldn't have been any better. Your office worked with me financially. If I would have known how much stress this took out of my life, I would have done it years before when I first signed up and paid a company to do debt settlement for me. I really didn't get much out of the debt settlement company and it was more expensive."

– Sandra, Cozad, NE

“I was very pleased with the effort that was given in my case.  Mr. Steffens and his staff were very accessible when I had questions.  They were prompt and concise with their answers.  Mr. Steffens and his staff were courteous and professional, but never haughty or too busy for me.  I appreciated that immensely.  Mr. Steffens was very helpful and put me at ease with our very first phone call.”

– Nicole, O’Neil, NE

My financial situation was growing dire by the day.  After conferring with Mr. Steffens, I was convinced he knew my best path to gain relief.  He made the process easier than I ever could have imagined.  Now that the bankruptcy is over, the relief is overwhelming.  Thanks!”

– Patrick, Broken Bow, NE

Steffens Law Office was absolutely great with everything for us.  They always made us feel comfortable on what we were doing.  If we had any questions then they were only a phone call away and they would immediately answer our questions unlike other attorney’s offices that seem way too busy for us and would make us wait for days for answers.  Another great thing about their office was that we never had to take time off work to go to their office.  We would mail paperwork back and forth to them which made it so much easier for us.”

– Jeff, Waterbury, NE

“Mr. William Steffens made us feel so at ease while going through our bankruptcy.  His step-by-step process never left us feeling overwhelmed or uninformed.  Truly a professional with a fantastic staff.  Thank you for all of your hard work.”

– Laura, Broken Bow, NE
"I was amazed at the personal, professional service received from Steffens Law Office. I lived two and a half hours away and was worried about getting documents back and forth. I never stepped foot in the office and yet my case was filed and closed quickly and professionally. I can't thank the team at Steffens Law Office enough. Filing bankruptcy was something I had to do, not wanted to do, and Steffens Law Office understood that. Thank you!"
– Sarah, Deweese, NE
"Jeremiah and the rest of the staff at Steffens Law Office are exceptional in their field! Everyone was so understanding and accommodating to my situation and my needs. No concern of mine was ever trivialized and I always felt that I was a priority to them. I would highly recommend Jeremiah and the Steffens team!"
– Wendy, Upland, NE
"Mere words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the diligence in which this matter was settled. Thank you!"
– Jack, Bridgeport, NE
"The day I called your office and spoke to you about my problem, I felt comfortable and knew I had contacted the right place. You made me feel at ease, and I was so relieved to how easy you made it. When I got my letter yesterday, I sat and cried - what a great feeling to have all that debt off my shoulders! You guys are awesome!! Thank you!!"
– Arlene, Crawford, NE
"This was our first bankruptcy, and I am beyond pleased with my attorney and staff.  Everything was explained and had all my questions answered right away.  The process was great.  I will recommend anyone to you! Thank you!"
– Brittany, North Platte, NE
"I was extremely pleased with your services. You guys rock! I couldn't have done this without you. I would definitely recommend you to any one of my friends that are going through bankruptcy. Thank you!"
– Elaine, Hastings, NE
"Very professional, supportive, and friendly!"
– Ramona, Albion, NE
"The service I received was wonderful! Any time I had a question or needed to talk with Jeremiah, I was put through without hesitation. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Thank you!"
– Gloria, Hastings, NE
"This was not pleasant for us, but your office made it more bearable! You helped made this situation easier for my wife and I! We will promote this law firm!!!"
– Wallace, Madrid, NE
"Thank you for all your help! You made us feel comfortable in a very depressing time."
"I was very happy with everything. You did a very good job on explaining what was going on and what was going to happen. Thank you very much!"
– Aaron, Wayne, NE
"Jeremiah and the staff were the best people to work with. Always friendly and very helpful. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Thanks again for all your help."
– Jerry, Milford, NE
"Saying 'thank you' hardly seems enough for all your kind help and for a much-needed shoulder to lean on. It's been a rough time. Your friendship and support is so reassuring in bad times. Your reassuring words were a blessing! So thank you to all the kind people at Steffens Law Office. I appreciate all your help!"
– Patricia, Blair, NE
"Steffens Law Office is wonderful! Thank you so much for being so professional yet so easy to talk to. We feel so grateful to all of you. Thank you!!"
– Kimberly, Bayard, NE
"There were no surprises - everything was explained to me. If I didn't understand, I was told not to hesitate to call and ask questions. I would recommend Steffens Law Office to anyone! Very helpful in all aspects."
– Dean, Lexington, NE
"I am very pleased with Steffens Law Office, especially Jeremiah Luebbe. He was very knowledgeable on any questions I had and did a great job for me. Whenever I would call the office, I was always greeted pleasantly by the staff. I highly recommend Steffens Law Office for anything you may need help with."
– Julie, St. Paul, NE
"I was very pleased with the way the office staff handled my phone calls and questions! Everyone was polite and things seemed to go very smooth. Thank you for my new beginning!"
– Celeste, Loomis, NE
"We were very pleased with Steffens Law Office. There was courtesy and passion for helping the client. This office would be great for first-time clients filing bankruptcy. I would refer anyone to this office. Thank you!"
– Breanna, Loup City, NE
"I felt that you answered my questions in preparation for the bankruptcy process. You helped me to cope with a very difficult time in my life. Thank you!"
– Inez, Spencer, NE
"You helped us out a lot, especially on payment arrangements. All of you were always there when I needed something. You were always willing to work with us to help us get all the stuff right on what you needed. Even though we didn't get to meet with you personally, it's like we already knew you over the phone. Very kind people who surely care about helping others in need!! Keep up the good work!"
– Paula, Wisner, NE
"If you are considering bankruptcy, then Steffens Law Office is your best choice. They will treat you with respect and walk you through all the procedures. I will recommend them to anyone I know who is considering a bankruptcy. They do great work!"
– Edgar, Loomis, NE
"Mr. Luebbe did a very fine job! He got my life straightened out. I was very despondent and did not know which way to turn. He helped me greatly and gave me a chance at a new life. He was very helpful, and I'm very thankful that I chose Steffens Law Office and Mr. Luebbe for my bankruptcy."
– Ray, Paxton, NE
"Steffens Law Office is down home and speaks to you in a manner that you can understand, but is also very professional and gets results for you quickly and competently. They are friendly, always there if you have any questions."
– Kristi, Broken Bow, NE
"We were treated with respect. Any concerns we had were addressed right away, and we could finally sleep at night. We were well prepared for our hearing. We can't thank you enough!!"
– Paula, Cody, NE
"You were there for us when we needed help, and you stayed with us through the whole process. You were a great help!"
– Carol, Wauneta, NE
"You and your staff were so nice, caring, and understanding at a very low place in our lives. Thank you so much!!"
– Dianna, North Platte, NE
"Bill and his staff kept in regular communication with me and were always there to answer all my questions and concerns. They really took a lot of the fear and anxiety out of the process and helped me get a fresh start. Thank you!"
– John, Blair, NE
"Steffens Law Office helped me when I was lost as to what to do. They were available and friendly whenever I had questions or concerns, and made me feel at ease. Thank you!"
– Bonnie, Callaway, NE
"I really appreciate all of your help through this stressful time. Your knowledge was comforting to me when I had questions, and the time was taken to explain the processes. Thank you so much!"
– Linda, Sidney, NE
"If you are looking for a very professional office with warm and understanding people to handle your legal needs - you don't have to look any further. Steffens Law Office is the very best!"
– Sandra, Staplehurst, NE
"We are very pleased with the communication we had with Steffens Law Office and the way he prepared us for the hearing. They did an excellent job!"
– William, Friend, NE
"Bill explained everything to me, and the whole experience was very easy and very professionally handled from start to finish."
– Ronald, North Bend, NE
"We were very pleased how everything was handled. Everyone we talked with in the office was able to answer all our questions. Everything was explained in terms we understood and every step was explained. We were well taken care of."
– Leonard, Chappell, NE
You handled my case in a professional, prompt manner from start to finish. Thank you so much!"
– Ernest, Keystone, NE
"You made the most miserable year of my life so much easier with your kind and compassionate consideration of me and my husband. You fully understood us and helped guide us through the bankruptcy. We so appreciate all of your help!"
– Cheryl, O'Neill, NE
"Steffens Law Office was absolutely wonderful. Never having filed bankruptcy before, I was terrified, but with the assistance and guidance of Bill and his very patient staff, I was able to get through the whole ordeal quickly and inexpensively, not to mention better educated on finance. Thank you so much for making my financial life an easy path to follow."
– Olivene, Bayard, NE
"Steffens Law Office helped me get through one of the roughest times in my life, and I am grateful for all that they did on my behalf. The staff is exceptional, and I would highly recommend this firm to people who need help getting back on track. The positive reinforcement helped me see all would be okay. Thank you for that!"
– Sarah, North Platte, NE
"Your service was great! It was nice to be able to get a hold of you and have our questions answered in a way we could easily understand."
– Danyelle, Broken Bow, NE
"Bill Steffens put my mind at ease and took away the burden at the first call. He and his staff were so kind and understanding. My case was handled promptly and professionally. I feel like I have my life back. Thank you!!"
– Karen, Wauneta, NE
"I felt very comfortable working with Steffens Law Office in the process of my bankruptcy. They did a fine job. I could not ask for better representation than what you gave me. Thank you so much for all you have done for me!"
– Shirley, Ansley, NE
"Steffens Law Office helped me through a very hard and tough time. They were very accommodating to my needs and questions. Mr. Steffens and his staff were very helpful and pleasant to work with. Thank you!"
– Tracy, Stapleton, NE
"It was a scary process we never thought we would have to do, but Steffens Law Office makes you feel like you are not alone and have someone you can call to get through this hardship. Thank you for all of your help!"
– Amanda, Red Cloud, NE
"It was a very stressful time in our lives, and we appreciated getting quality and trustworthy help. From the very first time we contacted Mr. Steffens, he made us feel as though we were his only clients. He was always there for our many questions. Thank you for all of your help!"
– Francis, Lincoln, NE
"Bill and his staff were understanding, kind, and always willing to help in any way. They made us feel welcome and understood our problem. Keep up the good work!"
– John, Sargent, NE
"Not once were our phone calls not immediately returned. Your patience with our many questions during this stressful time is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!"
– Ron, Ravenna, NE
"I am extremely pleased with your services. You answered all of my questions and all of my fears were diminished. Your fees were very reasonable, and well worth every cent. Thank you so much!"
– Donna, Greeley, NE
"Your service and commitment were astounding. I was very surprised at how easy it was. You took a very overwhelming situation and made it bearable. Thank you very much!"
– Dan, Holdrege, NE
"I was very nervous and apprehensive about this entire ordeal. Bill and his staff were kind and understanding. They really helped me relax and get through this. Thanks!"
– Maria, Kearney, NE
"I couldn't ask for nicer people at this law firm. Everything was very well explained. I really enjoyed working with each and every one of you."
– Rhonda, Lexington, NE
"We received confidential, high quality service from Steffens Law Office. Calls were returned in a timely manner, and we were treated with respect."
– Mark, Hildreth, NE
"After calling Bill Steffens, he and his staff soon had me going in the right direction. It was very simple and easy for me to do, and they handled the rest. I owe them many thanks!"
– Nina, Valentine, NE
"The assurance for us was excellent in the hard matter at hand for us to go through. Thank you, Bill! I feel like we can have a fresh start and a new outlook on life."
– Jennifer, Burwell, NE
"I was very pleased with the services given by the Steffens Law Office. They were always courteous and kept me very well informed on my case."
– Marvin, Brewster, NE
"Everything was great. I felt everything was explained to me very well. I felt taken care of every time I called with a question."
– Kara, Ord, NE
"I appreciate the time, effort, and outstanding service I received from your law firm. Thank you!"
– Barbara, Gothenburg, NE
"We wish to express our gratitude for all you have done for us. We are so thankful for you!"
– Robert, Alliance, NE
"We thank Mr. Steffens for his assistance, his knowledge, and his calm, reassuring manner in guiding this family through the experience of Chapter 7 bankruptcy."
– Charlene, Broken Bow, NE
"The Steffens Law Office was very helpful to us. Everyone was very friendly and put us at ease.  Jeremiah kept us well informed by phone and email.  We would recommend them to anyone needing advice and would use them again if needed. Thank you!"
– Larry, Ord, NE
"Everything went very smoothly, and we are happy with your service. Thank you so much for taking our bankruptcy. Great job!!"
– Roland, Gothenburg, NE
"Jeremiah and his staff were very nice and patient with me. I was very impressed that Jeremiah was always willing to discuss my case at length with me and thoroughly addressed any questions I had."
– Monica, Kearney, NE
"Fantastic service, fast response to all my questions."
– Susan, Blair, NE
"I would like to thank everyone that was involved in my case. Steffens Law Office, P.C. was very professional, always answered all questions, and informed me of all items I needed to have in handling my case. Jeremiah was very professional, as was all of the ladies involved, also very polite and punctual. I would recommend them without hesitation. Thanks to all of you for being so helpful and understanding!"
– Joel, Minden, NE
"This was a very hard decision. When we came for our first meeting to ask questions, you made us feel very comfortable and at ease. You made the whole process easy. Thank you!"
– Pamela, Bayard, NE
"Everything went smoother than I expected. You returned all my calls, and the staff was helpful and friendly."
– Les, Norfolk, NE
"You made the process very easy for me, and the explanations were simple. You gave me a fresh start, and I especially appreciate the knowledgeable service you provided to me. Thanks!"
– Sheila, Plattsmouth, NE